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Special Valentine’s Menu and Dessert

Create an unforgettable Valentine’s memory with a special course and dessert, available for three days only.

Special Valentine’s Menu

Available Dates: February 12th (Fri) to 14th (Sun), 2016
Details: Lunch 13,000 yen per person
Dinner 18,000 yen per person
Both include amuse-bouche, appetizer, fish dish, meat dish, and dessert.
During these dates, the Special Valentine’s Dessert is also available as a single order item in the restaurant lounge.

Special Valentine’s Dessert “Elle et Lui ~chocolat et fruits rouges”

Please choose from our two desserts for “Her and Him (Elle et Lui)”.

Available Dates: February 12th (Fri) to 14th (Sun), 2016
12H~15H(L.O.)/ 18H~20H30(L.O.)
Location: Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo Lounge
Details: Please enjoy one of the following with a glass of champagne or coffee.
“Elle” Red berry fruit and white chocolate flavor
    Accompanied by raspberry ice cream
“Lui” Dark chocolate and praline flavor
    Accompanied by hazelnut ice cream
3,900 yen each(Includes Elle or Lui dessert with a glass of champagne or cup of coffee)

(Above price includes tax, service charge not included.)

※Reservations are available for the lounge.

Inquiries and Reservations: TEL 03-5159-5500 / E-mail info@beige.co.jp