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“Goût de / Good France”, the day that French cuisine is celebrated worldwide


Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo will offer a special dinner to celebrate “Goût de / Good France”,a day when French cuisine is enjoyed throughout the world.

Date: March 22, 2017 (Wednesday) dinner

“Goût de / Good France” special menu


Yen 24,000 per person
<Optional matching wine degustation for an additional Yen 15,000 per person>

Good France special Menu

“Goût de / Good France”
is a day for people all over the world to enjoy French cuisine celebrating the gastronomic culture in France, which is listed as an intangible cultural asset by UNESCO. The day has been commemorated since 2015, after a joint proposal by France’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and Alain Ducasse.

The “Goût de / Good France” menu
provides an opportunity to enjoy French cuisine using local fresh ingredients low in fat, sugar, salt and protein. The course will be served in traditional French faire (as a rule: a cold starter, a warm starter, fish or shellfish, meat or poultry, French cheese and a chocolate dessert to finish) accompanied by the obligatory pre-dinner drink, wine and dessert wine. Furthermore, 5% of the revenue from this course will be donated to NGOs (non-governmental) active in the areas of health and environmental protection.

“On the same day, 2000 chefs around the globe will create a unique French dinner.Beyond a celebration of French cuisine, Goût de / Good France pays respect to today’s cuisine : humanist, energetic, diverse, and relevant.Contributing Goût de / Good France chefs all share the same values : sharing, enjoying,and respecting good food and the planet.”

– a quote by Alain Ducasse.

We, Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo will donate 10% of the proceeds of the day “Goût de / Good France” to KIDS EARTH FUND http://www.kidsearthfund.jp/en/kids_about.html.

※ Prices include tax, but service charges are separate.
※ This year’s “Goût de / Good France” falls on March 21 which is our regular day off so we have rescheduled accordingly above.
※ The above menu is offered only for dinner.

For reservations and inquiriesTEL 03-5159-5500 / E-mail info@beige.co.jp