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Orders for Christmas cake (numbers limited)

Julien Kientzler, Head Pâtissier at Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo, introduces this year’s Christmas cake. “The Christmas cake we have planned for you this year is modeled after a Chanel handbag. Inside the matelassé (quilted pattern) “bag,” two types of chocolate cake with differing textures will be layered with marmalade and orange-flavored crème brûlée, with the further addition of caramel mousse. I hope you will enjoy this dessert with both your eyes and your taste buds.” To reserve your cake, please call or visit the restaurant directly. As only one hundred cakes will be made, no additional orders will be taken once this number is reached.

Product Name: “Le Sac de Mademoiselle”
Price: 8,000 yen (includes tax)
How to order:At the restaurant or by telephone.
Pick-up dates:December 19 ~ 26 at the restaurant. (Unfortunately, we are unable to make deliveries.)

Reservations and enquiriesTEL 03-5159-5500 / E-mail info@beige.co.jp