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Les Rendez-vous culinaires ‘Londres’


For Les Rendez-vous culinaires “Monaco – Paris – Londres,” we have invited the top chefs from the three flagship of Alain Ducasse restaurants to Tokyo. Starting in May with Monaco and continuing in July with Paris, the worldview of Alain Ducasse was portrayed through the various cuisines of each chef. In November, the final stage of the event will be London.

London is both a city where tradition is esteemed and where old and new, east and west, people from all walks of life intermingle and come together. Here, the highly-acclaimed three-star chef Jocelyn Herland serves dishes that match such cosmopolitan values. He will be introducing the cuisine of Alain Ducasse At The Dorchester while making the greatest possible use of Japanese ingredients.

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Enquiries : TEL 03-5159-5500 / E-mail info@beige.co.jp

DateThursday, November 15th to Sunday, November 18th
*Dinner on Saturday, November 17th is restricted to Diners Club members only.
PriceLunch – 2 set menus, 15,000 yen or 25,000 yen
Dinner – 1 set menu, 25,000 yen
(All prices are inclusive of tax, exclusive of service charge. Wine and other beverages are not included)