Beige Alain Ducasse Tokyo was found in 2004 through collaboration between the top quality fashion brand CHANEL and DUCASSE PARIS. The spirit of ‘simple and elegant’ that both share is expressed in every detail of the cuisine and the décor. We offer refined French cuisine that makes the fullest possible use of the pick of the finest Japanese ingredients.


Kamakura vegetables have become synonymous with our Executive Chef, Kei Kojima; these, together with carefully selected Japanese ingredients – a wealth of seafood, Meishan pork from Ibaraki, milk-fed veal from the Oakleaf Farm in Hokkaido – and top-quality ingredients available only from France – foie gras, chicken from Bresse, lobster from Bretagne – are used lavishly to produce cuisine that is at the same time both traditional and modern. The full, rich flavors painstakingly developed, together with their simplicity, leave a deep and lasting impression.

As in a fashion collection, in cuisine too the sense of the seasons is very important. Preparing a dish that brings out the inherent flavors of the ingredients of the season, helping people to rediscover that wonderful taste – that, to my mind, is the function of a cook. A person who enjoys good food has a wonderful life.

Alain Ducasse


The interior décor was designed by Peter Marino, the designer in charge of CHANEL boutiques all over the world. The table ware uses a variety of materials – chinaware and crystal of course, but also silver and gold, the warmth of wood, copper, rubber and lacquer. Items produced by traditional European and Japanese craftsmen been selected to presence the ‘simple and elegant’.


Diners Club has a partnership with DUCASSE PARIS since June 2010 to promote Japanese Food Culture and preparing the various privilege for Card Members.